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A businessman, a salesman and a photographer walk into a bar...

Sounds like a joke, right?  Well, it is not far from the truth and it is what makes scandipik way more than just a photography company.  When the founders of scandipik got together, they wanted to create a company that could deliver what no other photography company on the market does... SALES


They understood that real estate agents aren't in the photo business or even the house business... they are in the SALES business.

So when you combine the 15 years of multinational company management, with 30 years of sales experience and add a dash of 20 years of photography experience, what do you get?  You get a business that knows how to provide real, usable, sales tools that will make getting listings easier and faster.

So, fast forward to now...

So scandipik is not just a photography company providing the best, magazine quality photos on the market.  We are a sales company whose whole focus is to help you get listings easier, faster, and more often than ever before.

Want to know more about how we do that?

Want to get ahead of your competition?

Contact us now at or call us on 1300 711 988 and chat to our Australian based team.  We can't wait to help you.

Colleagues Working Together
In a Meeting


Our mission statement is simple; 

Let's be better!

We want to offer better service, better products and better overall experience to you and your clients.

Key in the Lock


We believe you should be able to have the best of both worlds.

The innovation and products of a big company, coupled with the service and one on one relationships of a sole operator.

Scandipik is continuously working to provide for that gap in the marketplace.

Key in the Lock
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