scandipik virtual tours

Virtual tours that are interactive, easy to follow, magazine quality, and best of all, at the users pace. 

scandipik leads the way in virtual tour technology.

We offer a range of products to assist you with showcasing your school, aged care facility, or where ever you want people to walk around- without even coming on site-

 including drone, video and our award winning 360 panopik technology.

360 panopik is the best virtual tour you can experience.  


Magazine quality

Our high resolution images make the user feel like they are actually standing in your site.

Move through at their OWN pace

With traditional video, users are dragged through a tour.  This leads to a 'roller coaster' effect, leaving the user feeling dizzy, and limiting their ability to take everything in. 

Our panopik technology invites the user to move through at their own pace.  The layout creates curiosity, excitement, and draws a person through your school.  Using our point-to-point guides, our interactive map, and also a traditional menu system makes our experience amazing - even if you aren't a tech wiz. 

Higher interaction with panopik

Users SKIP up to 90% of a video tour, for many of the reasons above, but human nature wants to take control and click ahead to shorten the experience.  If they do this, you have no control over what they see and what they miss.

Data shows users view over 90% of a panopik tour.  This is due to the user having full control of their experience.  They are happy to explore when they are given the tools and panopik is actually quite fun to use!

People stay on your site longer, with your branding right there, as they show themselves around the premises.

Users can click from one point to the other, using a map with clearly labelled points to explore.  Text and external links can be added to the panopik to highlight areas of interest.  For example, you may have a panopik of a science room and withing that image we include a 'Click here to hear from our science co-ordinator our amazing science program'.  The user can click, watch a video, then return to the tour.

It's easier with panopik

The overall experience is easier, more user engaging and provides a better, more stable platform to showcase your school.